Organization Profile

Toppers is a leading e-learning solutions provider in India and Middle East. The company has created strong intellectual property in the area of e-learning technologies like LMS, Online Tests and Assessment system.and Learning Resources. It combines its strengths in software/product development, Instructional Design, and e-learning content development to deliver world-class e-learning solutions. A single source for all the learning solutions, Toppers has also efficiently been involved in developing custom content and e-Learning modules. The experience and domain expertise gained over the years, has helped position the company in the niche segments of providing e-Learning solutions for large projects that need understanding of the application area. Toppers e-learning solutions are designed to fit any existing e-Learning environment, due to the unique component-based development.

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Test Prep


Test Planet : An Online Test Portal :an initiative by Toppers

Toppers Learning Management System is unique development of Toppers which takes care of Learning , teaching and Online Assessments. Toppers Online Test Platform has enormous feature where students aspiring for multiple practice and advanced exams get multiple tests for preparing themselves for indepth knowledge of subject matter and corresponding exams. It can create 31 type of questions from mcq, mrq, fib, true-false, comprehension based , assertion and reason, matrix match and many more….Reports at each level are given for students based on the tests performances. Online assistance for students is also enabled in form of BOT.

Project Scope

Scope of this document is for complete learning, teaching and Online test solution which includes Student access to Practice tests, Module tests and Full Syllabus tests.

Project Functions

Toppers LMS key function is to enable student to prepare for any exams and also identify strong and weak areas for preparing well for actual exam.

Project Overview

Our LMS provides application built solutions. Authoring of Questions and Tests can be done by Teachers which will be by default available for students for accessing it and submitting it. Reports, Results and solutions will be available at all levels

Test Battery with Calender (Test Plan)

All tests will be scheduled for the given year and student will be enabled to take up the test on or before scheduled end date. Student is given option for chapter practice tests practice, module tests and mock tests for doing better .

Access to practice Tests

Practice tests are type of tests which can be launched and submitted . Questions within the tests will be shuffled and answer options within the questions will also be shuffled so that student will have same mindset as new fresh test even though the test is submitted multiple times.


Reports are generated at each level for student for Practice tests, Module tests, Full syllabus tests and Ranking Reports. Reports will be given for each test which has the right answer for each of the question with question level feedback/solution, Score obtained for the question.

Access to schedule tests in terms of Ranking Report

Tests will be scheduled frequently for students by Administrator which consists of module level questions and this will be active from a given date as per the sequence of Lesson Plan. Tests which has questions from all the syllabus is also scheduled for students so as to prepare them for mail exam.

Dashboard for teachers

Comprehensive Dashboard where subjects will be given for Test management and Calendar to view the scheduled tests. Dashboard is one page where teacher is given option to navigate across all features enabled for him Create and Assign test Admin is given Question repository from where Tests can be either created or can be generated.

Progress Report

Classwise, subject wise, module wise and Relative Ranking

Reports are generated at each level for Practice tests, Module tests, Full syllabus tests which considers performance of all students assigned with the tests. Subjectwise Average performance is calculated based on the performance of all the students in all the tests tagged to the subject. Module wise Average performance report is calculated based on the performance of all students in all the module tests Ranking report will be given for student considering the other student performance existing in the system

Additional reports which projects • Strong and week area report
• Knoweldge based reports
• Difficulty based reports

Communication system:
Apart from this Our LMS is integrated with all communication system like discussion forum, emails, sms,whatsapp and poling facilites and notice board