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iSys / mSys
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Today the time has come when the customer does not travel to the bank branch. The time spent on travelling will be spent on something more fruitful and beneficial activities. The customer wants and desires 24 * 7 working. Computer / Laptops/ Tablet and Smart phones are the new bank.

iSys is platform and database independent system giving the freedom to be deployed on any operating system and database which can be integrated with any CBS system being used by the bank. iSys is built on 3 tier web architecture. It is built on scalable technology with robust functionality. It supports a range of retail banking and wholesale commercial banking activities. It also offers rich functionality in its Customer Information System. iSys has been designed to be fully secure, flexible and highly parameterized package. It incorporates security features with access rights defined for every user.

iSys & mSys :Banking to e-Commerce :

What do banks do :
  • Banks fund : Manufacturing sector / Distribution Sector

  • Banks hold the account of the IndividualsSpecifications (SRS)

  • Banks spend vast amount to manage cash : India’s reserve bank and commercial banks face a grand total of Rs. 21,000 crores (US $3.5 billion) in currency operations costs annually. The vast majority (86%) of that burden falls on commercial banks.

e-Commerce / Wallet Companies :
  • They are servicing the bank customers by linking Bank customers to suppliers funded by the banks

  • Providing Wallet services where funds from Banks are transferred to them

  • Payment Gateway to make payments

Our Proposition :
  • Provide e-commerce platform to bank customers directly in Internet and Mobile Banking solution of the bank thus linking Bank Customers to Suppliers funded by them

  • No separate wallet required

  • Cash transactions are eliminated

  • Payment Gateway is eliminated

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Mobile Banking :

  • Check Account Balance

  • Fund Transfer Self, Intra bank.


  • Deactivation of ATM Card

  • PULL Money

  • Push Money

  • Generate QR code

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iSys & mSys : Features

  • Requests
    1. Cheque Payment Status / Cheque Stop Payment / Revoke Stopped Cheque
    2. Cheque Book Request
    3. FD account open / Renewal / Breaking request
    4. TDS statement
    5. RD account open request
  • Transaction
    1. Fund Transfer (Self Accounts )
    2. Fund Transfer (Other Accounts Same Bank )
    3. Fund Transfer (Other Bank Accounts NEFT / RTGS)
    4. Fund Transfer IMPS
    5. Cheque Stop Payment
  • Search/Locate
    1. Bank Branch Details Request
    2. IFSC Code Request
  • Loan management :
    1. Appointment of Agents
    2. Customer Acquisition and Pre-Sanction Activities
  • Fund Transfer with agents :
    1. Agent Registration : Agent can be an organization or an individual
    2. Self Transfer by Customer
    3. Transfer through Agent
  • Wallet and other features :
    1. Account Registration
    2. Self Transfer by Customer
    3. Transfer of funds

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Mobile Banking Activation & Login:

Balance Enquiry for all accounts :

Fund Transfer Self, Intra Bank & IMPS :

Pull & Push Money :