eHr – Key Benefits

  • Develop a single and integrated view of employee information across all departments using IT

  • Provide timely & reliable management information relating to human resources for effective decision making

  • Provide tools for forecasting future cash flows of the State in respect of salaries and pensions

  • Integration with other related applications such as Treasury, Payroll etc.

  • Provide ‘single window’ services to employees

  • Reduce administrative overhead for the HR professionals

  • Provide accurate and unified view of the employees and the employment to the administrators

  • Provide simple, accurate and timely information to the employees

  • Reduce the paperwork

  • Reduce technical complexities related to data management

eHR – Main Modules

  • Appraisal & Performance

  • Training and Development

  • Promotion System

  • Transfer Management

  • Establishment

  • LFC

  • Assets & Liabilities

  • Discipline Action Management

  • Pension

  • Reports

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eHR – Main Modules

    Capability to maintain personal information
  • Name and Address

  • Other : Phone no, e-mail ids, Blood group, Gender, Religion, Caste, Date of Birth, Marital Status, Language Known, Driving License Data, National Identification

  • Educational Qualification & Work Experience

  • Dependent’s Data

  • Health Data

  • Employee Photo, Signature, Finger Prints

  • Passport and Visa Details

  • Bank Account Information

  • Emergency contact details

  • Employee Category

  • Location, Department, Grade/ Cadre

  • Job History, Mobility & Transfers

  • History of disciplinary action like nature of charge, action taken, resolution process

  • LFC Details

  • Medical Aid / Hospitalization Claim details

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eHR – Employee Self Services Portal (ESS)

In eHR system every employee will have the user name and password and he /she can login into the ESS (employee self service portal ) and can do following.
  • View his/her profile

  • Request to update his/her profile

  • Take salary slip

  • Download Company policies / Form and guidelines

  • Attendance mark

  • View leave balance and apply for leave
  • Send message to other employee
  • Declare his/her Tax savings
  • Submit claim bills etc.

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eHR – Man Power Planning

    • Provision to define requirement plans (periodic) in terms of specific skills, Qualifications, Experience, Designation etc.
    • Provision for mainstream, specialist and part time employee recruitment
    • Support to analyze the Designation and department- wise staff strength – sanctioned/ working strength and the gap for which recruitment is required
    • Facility to capture the data relating resignations/ retirements/ VRS/ Dismissals etc.
    • Facility to allow receipt of projected manpower from Zones and Create a finally approved manpower plan.

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eHR – Recruitment

Complete recruitment process that takes care of all the steps of the recruitment starting from the requirement generation to the joining of employees. All the steps are managed automatically as defined in the parameter for particular designation.
  • Facility to carry out recruitment for different types of employees separately viz. Officers, Specialist Officers, Clerks, Subordinates etc.
  • Provision for special recruitment for ST/SC/OBC/ Physically Challenged etc. including relaxations to the conditions for eligibility.
  • Facility for recruitment of people under compassionate grounds
  • Special recruitment category like physically handicapped/sportsperson
  • Provision to capture detailed information of applicant/ candidate
  • Facility to maintain various types of tests and maintain a question/ answer database of each type of test Facility to record interview/ test evaluation results online in the system to be administered as a part of the selection process.
  • Facility to record interview/ test evaluation results online in the system.
  • Facility to automatically transfer applicant information into employee information for candidates joining.
  • Candidate resume repository with history.
  • Shortlist using resumes parsing to read resumes and keywords.
  • Interview scheduling
  • Hiring approvals and transferring employees to PIM once hired
  • Mail Notification
  • Recruiter Agency Linking (LinkedIn,, etc.)