What is Bilinguality

In bilinguality work shall be undertaken in two languages i.e. :
  • Display of menu items in two languages
  • Screen display in two languages
  • Database should store Input text in two languages
  • Data selection / drop downs to be displayed in two languages
  • Button caption in two languages
  • Display of messages in two languages
  • Data output in two languages
  • Transliteration

Official Languages Act

The Constitution of India recognizes Hindi in Devanagri script as the official language of the Union.

BANKS must purchase all computer systems, word processors, ALPM’s only in BILINGUAL mode. Computers etc. would be considered bilingual only when :

    There are facilities for data entry in Hindi along with English.

  • Any employee can use it in either English or Hindi. For this, it is necessary to have a facility in the machine so that the employee can display either English or Hindi on the monitor at will.
  • The output of the system (report, letter etc.) could be produced by the person working on the machine either in Hindi or English at will.

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Menu System
Entry Screen
Bilingual Report Screen

Making Existing applications bilingual

Existing Data Migration
  • We will pick up the data of the existing application and transfer into our application
  • We would add some additional fields in database for bilingual fields, the data entered by parent application will be made bilingual and provided for editing wherever required
  • In this process the existing data will be converted to bilingual form once
Daily Data Conversion
  • online basis
  • Batch mode for transactional data
  • Conversion of data will be made as follows:
    1. Uploading of Database
    2. Bilingual Conversion
    3. View of Editing of Data
Extracting of bulk existing Data from Existing System :
Master data  
  • All master Table will be Converted to bilingual
  • In each master table a column will be added for bilingual name display
  • Master Data will be updated on daily basis If any master Data changed

  • Customer Data
    Entire Existing Customer Master Data will be converted to bilingual i.e.  
  • Personal Data
  • Address
  • Occupation Data
  • Family details  
    • All customer Data will be fetched from existing system and populated into new System, each customer ID data will be migrated to bilingual and editable displayed in below screen
    • User can changed the converted Data only if they wish
    • Any New Customer ID which will be created will be extracted from Bank core banking System and converted to bilingual / multilingual as per customer preferred Language
    • Below are the customer ID screen for Individual

    Entry and Editing Screen
    Bilingual Reports
    Bilingual Report Screen